Bill Talsma was a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist who created drawings, performances, sculptures, sounds, music, radio works, and installations. An avid collaborator, Bill was a member of the internationally recognized art-making collective Lucky Pierre from 2000 to 2005, and again from 2011 onward.

Projects are listed alphabetically* on multiple pages. Some of this art was shown publicly at galleries around Chicago (venues are indicated where known), and some are projects in various stages of completion. All project descriptions are Bill's own writing.

Only a few highlights for each project are shown on this site. To dig a little deeper, use the "project folder" link to the google drive provided in each project section. There you will find more thorough documentation and creative process material. Enjoy!

*BIll added an underscore to the front of titles he wanted first in line, so that is the naming convention adhered to here.


Antena, Chicago

Interrogations of the Google search box to elicit auto complete suggestions based on a collective interest surrounding evil.


Project email

I have a math problem - and was wondering if I could ask you to figure it out for me - I'm not

even going to try myself! I'm mathematically challenged at this level...

How big would a cube of 7 billion gold atoms be?

I'm imagining it would be pretty darned small and want to know exactly (well, approx.) how

small. Like, is it the size of a pinhead? Or smaller or bigger? I want to have one made-a gold

cube with 7 billion gold atoms, if possible. Thats one atom for every person on the planet. If I

know the size I can get a jeweler to make it.

I found this helpful, but it only get's you part way there...

Thanks!! If you don't want to do this or don't have the time, I understand absolutely.



Lawn Gallery, Chicago

“Six Suicides In My Apartment” is a sound performance by Bill Talsma. Two lives are simultaneously on exhibit: one in which he is alive, and another in which he is not. After each suicide in Bill’s apartment—located 2-doors south of LAWN Gallery in a residential Chicago neighborhood (Logan Square)—Bill will field questions by visitors on a prepaid cell phone left at the gallery and relay critical information about the other side with a focus on forms that could not be liberated (but forces that could). Concurrent to these multiple suicides, Bill will transmit detailed descriptions of images and screens to the gallery space that, among other things, summarize the face of God, stock photography, and selected works from art history. Please join Bill as he abandons the world in which he is now simply dead (alive), and comes to rest in one where he is still alive (dead). Each suicide will occur on the half-hour from 7pm-10pm. Refreshments will be provided.

Drawn from Memory and Daydreams

Dock 6, Chicago


“All The Places I've lived: Drawn From Memory and Daydreams” is an installation and site-specific performance by Bill Talsma. Talsma has created architectural-style floorplan drawings from memory of the fifteen places he has lived and these drawings have been permanently printed on the surface of fifteen separate 4’ x 3’ dry erase boards. Part sculpture, part drawing project, part sound art, part performance, the presentation of the objects will include a handful of volunteer performers who will become Talsma’s voice.

Throughout the evening things-remembered will mix together with vocalized daydreams as combinations of long- and short-term memory are collaboratively created. The performance will generate a compilation of dispersed images and a body of images at the same time—both physical and suggested; visual and aural. The rigid and fixed black and white floorplan drawings will fall into contrast with liberated, colorful and transient hand drawings and written notes made by the performers with dry-erase markers. Multiple people at multiple microphones will create a rich and sometimes awkward soundscape, yet this is not a nostalgic trip down memory lane. There will be no bawling. No sad stories. 

For Talsma, it is not a question of simply describing the houses, apartments, roommates, experiences and remembered features of these dwellings, or analyzing the reasons they are important to him, but excavating paths to move beyond the problems of description in order to attain an imaginative proximity with the primary function of inhabiting through collective memory.

Community News South Holland, IL 

Golf Course Country Club Hills (?) or Homewood (?), IL 

Dominick’s South Holland, IL 

Meijer’s Kalamazoo, MI 76 

Gas Station Kalamazoo, MI 

Subco, Inc. South Holland, IL 

George’s “Quick Six” Amoco South Holland, IL 

Mobile Gas Station Byron, IL 

Doug Busch Studios Rockford, IL 

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago—Department of Public Affairs Chicago, IL 

Reza’s Restaurant Chicago, IL 

Experimental Sound Studio Chicago, IL 

Exelon - Byron Generating Station Byron, IL 

Cargo Records Inc. Chicago, IL 

The Symphony Center Chicago, IL

Francine Marketing  Chicago, IL 

Banana Republic Chicago, IL 

Quicksilver Associates Chicago, IL 

Leapfrog Online Chicago, IL 

Home Chicago, IL

Hands Art Explosion

Military Art Explosion

Dogs Art Explosion

Americana Art Explosion

Landscapes Art Explosion

Fitness Art Explosion

Verge Miami Beach Art Fair, Art Basel

Hi Gwen, The video is ready! I've put it in a DropBox folder which I'm sharing with you. It's been an interesting process creating this video, and it has changed from the original idea into something I hadn't anticipated but am quite happy with. This is a blanket prediction for everyone, covering all signs but not mentioning them in an apples to apples way. I ditched the German. In the process of everything coming together the German seemed to not make sense anymore. So what I have here is like a little something made of images set to music to create a narrative. The images are all stock photography from, and the music is also stock - from I consider the animation technique of the images stock as well, as I am using the good old "Ken Burns Effect" that is so prevalent in contemporary documentaries, ads, film, etc. I put this all together in an animation program, but replicated the "Ken Burns Effect" because it comes as a preset transition setting in apps like Apple's iMovie. So, there's three blends of stock! My hope is that people will take my narrative and fill in the blanks to create something unique to them. It's weird, I know. Hope you enjoy it! Bill